Weekly Wellness Checklist

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Do you have a weekly wellness checklist? If not, then you definitely need one.

Practicing self care is a super important part of looking after yourself. Your wellness is what makes you – if you don’t nourish yourself then how will you grow?

Generally when people think about self love, they picture sitting in a bubble bath with a glass of wine. But that isn’t all there is to self love and wellness. It’s so much more than that.

Let me ask you this question – what do you do every week, without fail, to look after your body, soul and mind? Do you do many things… or nothing?

If you aren’t one to practice self love but want to start looking after yourself, then let me help you by showing you my weekly wellness checklist.

Remember the things you’re grateful for: It’s so important to stay in check with reality and remember to practice gratitude every now and then. This is how we grow as humans and flourish into kind people. Write down a list of 5 things that you are grateful for and why, then reflect.

Have a long shower: Spending a little bit of extra time to pamper yourself in the shower makes you feel good. Take the time to really clean your hair, shave your body (if you do that), exfoliate and don’t forget your skincare. Wash off the weeks bad vibes in the shower and prepare to start a new week. When you get out, slather yourself in your favourite moisturiser and relax.

Have a conversation with someone you trust: There is nothing better than letting everything out and getting an opinion on your thoughts. Having someone who you connect with and can comfortably talk to about anything and everything really helps your soul. Fall into them and make it a weekly thing to unload your thoughts and share your feelings. Let them do the same.

Look in the mirror and praise yourself: How often do we actually take a look at our reflection in the mirror and want to compliment every inch of it? If you don’t do it at all, you should start. It’s important to not only love your mind, but the skin we are in. Our bodies are our home and we must look after them. Start off small and tell yourself you are awesome and you are beautiful.

Go to the gym: I understand not everyone wants to go to the gym, but it is super rewarding. Not only physically, but mentally too. You have a sense of accomplishment once you have done an invigorating workout and it makes you feel good. Try and get to the gym once or twice a week… or, if you don’t have access to a gym, go for a walk a couple of times a week to get your body and brain stimulated.

Read a new book: When do we get to read anymore… hardly ever. Being an adult and having a working schedule is really draining. Even a teenagers schedule with school and sports is tiring. Take a break and crack open a new or favourite book and let yourself fall into the world of whatever you’re reading. You’re not only stimulating and exercising your mind but you’re doing the same to your heart.

Let loose for an hour: When you’re always so serious from working or going to school, you start to lose sense of your inner child. It’s a great thing to let loose every once in a while, so start doing it every day. Dance around the house to loud music, go to a carnival, start singing every day. Anything that makes you happy and makes you feel like a child at heart.

Meditation: Being active and loud is great, but there is a time where we do need to take it down a notch and relax our mind and soul for a little while. Pop some calming music on, sit down wherever you’re comfortable and meditate for an hour. Think about calming things, good times, practise your gratitude… Let go of all your frustrations and worries. As long as you’re calm and relaxing yourself, then you’re good to go.

Make a cleaning list: When you think of a cleaning list, you groan to yourself. Am I right? It doesn’t have to be that way! Cleaning can be really relaxing and allow yourself to feel pride and accomplishment. Start off with a small, daily checklist that you can complete. Having a clean house/room also makes you feel much better; it’s a fact!

Burn some incense: Burning incense is so relaxing and can help you focus on keeping calm. It’s also great for making your room or house smell great, and who doesn’t want that? Grab your favourite scent and let it burn until it has run out.

Congratulate yourself: the most important thing is to congratulate yourself for all your efforts during the day or the week. Be proud of yourself. Be your own cheerleader.
Now that you have seen my version of a wellness checklist, it’s time to create your own.

Don’t forget to look after yourself and remember that you are important, your body is important, your mind is important and your soul is important.

We only have one life and one body, so make it good and look after it.

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