Got a question or just want to drop me a line? I have a few different methods of contact, including email, Instagram and Facebook. I’m always online! Send me a DM on Facebook or Instagram. Please note: I will not reply to unsolicited emails/spam, nor will I reply to any hate or unkind messages/emails. Please also note that no paid collaboration may alter my opinions, I will always be authentic and 100% honest in all reviews I do. That being said, I will also only take on collaborations or be a part of a campaign that aligns with my morals and beliefs.

If you have any queries or just want to send me something that wont fit in an Instagram/Facebook DM, then you can email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you are a brand wishing to collaborate or wish to hire me for modelling, please send me an email at – I can provide you with my rates and my media kit if you wish. I do also do product for post if you aren’t in a position to do paid work.