Welcome to my corner of the internet. A place where I hope you feel at home as much as I do.

This is me, Bo!

I’m Ebony, but I go by Bo.

I’m a young woman from Melbourne, Australia and my main goal in life is to inspire other people to embrace their own bodies, identities and themselves in general by sharing things I love and being truly authentic.

I’m an avid animal lover, I have 5 animals with my long term partner, Christian, and I also dabble in guitar and singing. I like to learn different things and gain as many new skills as I possibly can, because I’m always wanting to do random things I find on the internet, like making scrunchies or building things. Like, Pinterest is a dangerous place for me.

Being a plus size woman, I find it incredibly important to stand out and show up in life, and especially when I’m in the spotlight (although, not very often). I’m representing a large portion of people, and to work with brands and businesses that show these kinds of bodies is what I’m all about. Allowing people to see that plus size people are represented in the media is incredible. I’m here to do that. I’m here FOR that.

I’ve been through shit. I’ve been bullied and let out of things because I wasn’t deemed cool enough or attractive enough, because of how I looked. I never fit into those size 10 clothes that all my friends wore and I was always left out when we would do clothing swaps with each other. It sucked, and I completely understand why people feel the way they do when it comes to their appearance and/or weight. I used to hate myself. I would hurt myself and do stupid diets just to try and be skinny so I would fit in and so boys would like me.

After all the things I’ve been through, I’m now at a point in my life where I am happy. I’ve come to understand that just because I’m fat, doesn’t mean I’m not worthy. I’m allowed to feel cute and wear cute things. I’m allowed to feel empowered and enjoy my body. I’m making it my mission to empower you, too.